Assisting You With Your Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation

Were you injured on the job in Massachusetts? Are you getting the medical care that you need? Are you being fairly compensated for your lost wages?

Our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers know how important it is that you take the necessary time off work to recover and that you continue to get paid. We have helped all kinds of employees, including office workers, construction workers, government employees, truck drivers, delivery persons, and restaurant workers receive the benefits they are owed in a timely fashion.

For over 60 years, the Dardeno LLP has successfully represented injured workers and their families with workers’ compensation claims and disputes against employees and insurance companies in the Greater Boston Area, as well as throughout Massachusetts. Our Work injury lawyers are available around the clock to answer your questions or to provide you a free case consultation. To speak to an experienced workers compensation lawyer give us a call at (617) 666-2600.

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation law is supposed to guarantee specific benefits to workers that get hurt on the job—even if the worker is the one that caused the accident. In Massachusetts, workers’ compensation benefits usually include coverage of your medical costs, disability payments, 60% of your average income (or greater if your injury resulted in a disability), compensation for permanent disfigurement or scars, compensation for loss of function, vocational retraining if the injury prevents the worker from returning to their original job, and death benefits for immediate family members if the worker was killed on the job. In return for this “guarantee,” an employee is not allowed to sue his or her employer for any work-related injuries.

Unfortunately, receiving the benefits that you are owed is not always easy, and employers and their insurance companies have been known to claim that an injury did not happen at work or that a worker is entitled to less benefits. An insurer or employer may also try pressuring an employee to return to work sooner than what the doctor is recommending.

If your claim for workers’ compensation benefits is being denied or disputed, you should contact our Boston workers’ compensation law firm immediately. Dardeno LLP has successfully argued our clients’ cases before the Industrial Accident Board and other presiding bodies so that benefits (and back benefits) are paid immediately. We have also protected clients from insurers or employees that have tried to prematurely cut off compensation benefits, and, when necessary, we have negotiated for the highest possible injury settlements and verdicts.

Third Party Lawsuits

Even if you do receive the full benefits that you are owed, this may not fully cover all of your injury costs, especially if you are living with a traumatic brain injury, a serious burn injury, a spinal cord injury, or another kind of catastrophic injury. the Dardeno LLP will thoroughly investigate your work injury case and examine all avenues of recovery for you. There may be third parties, such as the manufacturer of a defective machine or a negligent contractor, whose negligence or carelessness caused your work accident. Our Boston and Somerville Massachusetts personal injury lawyers or wrongful death attorneys can file claims or lawsuits against all negligent parties so that you can receive the compensation that they owe you.