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Practice Areas

Our History & Highlights

The Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP was established by, Frank N. Dardeno, Sr.

After Military Service in World War II, and completion of Harvard Law School, Frank N. Dardeno, Sr. first engaged in the practice of Law with a firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1950, Frank N. Dardeno established, in association with a number of other lawyers, a firm with offices in the historic Union Square District, in Somerville, Massachusetts. In 1957, the firm settled in its present location at 424 Broadway, Somerville, Massachusetts, one of the first professional office buildings in the area erected upon the former site of the Winter Hill Public Library (the building was demolished in 1982; and the present brick edifice was erected on the site). Over the years, a number of lawyers have been associated with, and participants of, this firm.

The firm has been active in the general practice of the Law, including litigation (civil and criminal), appellate work, broad areas of law in business (including corporate and real estate law), probate, trusts, estate planning as well as industrial accidents and personal injury matters.

Areas of Specialization

The firm has gradually evolved toward specialization. Participants in the law firm now tend to concentrate upon their areas of expertise such as:

  • Business, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Real Estate;
  • Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Guardianships and Probate Matters;
  • Personal Injury and Compensation Litigation; and
  • Zoning and Real Estate Development.
  • Professional Participation

Over the years, the firm has participated in high profile matters as well as major real estate and industrial development in Massachusetts. Among these matters have been the following:

Representation of political personalities in election and redistricting litigation in Massachusetts Courts, including the Supreme Judicial Court [e.g. Congressman Torbert MacDonald; Representative William Moran; Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Carr; Candidate Michael LoPresti, after his memorable loss to Congressman Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, etc.].

Labor litigation, mainly for corporate employers

Union election contests, strikes and massive litigation connected therewith:

collective bargaining with labor unions:

contract negotiations – including litigation in labor arbitration, before the National Labor Relations Board and in Federal Court for corporate clients, such as: Rothmunds, Inc.(Food-processor); Foodmaster Supermarkets, Inc. (supermarket operator); Barbo’s, Inc. (quality furniture dealer); Precision Motor Rebuilders, Inc. (engine rebuilder).

Various and different labor unions have been involved in these matters.

Counsel to developers in major industrial and real estate enterprises, including:

representation in acquisition of land areas, permit and zoning phases (with attendant appellate representation):

appearance before various municipal and state administrative boards and agencies,

financing procurement:

subdivision and subdivision control representation:

negotiation and preparation of lease agreements, formulation of ownership entities corporate and/or trust, etc. :

Examples of such representation: Wilmington Industrial Park; Commercial Wharf (Waterfront Development), Boston; Azalea Road, Winchester, Massachusetts (Subdivision).

Counsel in high profile jury trial criminal litigation – including matters appointed by the Court (particularly after the Gideon decision in U. S. Supreme Court mandating counsel for state criminal trials).

Counsel to banking institutions, business corporations, real estate development, and litigants in State Trial Courts, U. S. Federal Courts, Appellate proceedings, etc. Examples: Winter Hill Federal Savings Bank, Century Bank & Trust Company, and MASSBANK.

Administration of Wills and Decedent Estates, with:

attendant litigation:

preparation of Federal and State Estate Tax Returns:

clearance of Statutory Tax Liens:

negotiation with representatives of I. R. S. and Massachusetts Estate Tax Bureau:

preparation of relevant documents and legal briefs, preparation of accounts:

distribution of assets to interested parties, etc.


The Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP’s client base is extraordinarily stable and includes local banking institutions, corporations, and descendants of persons and families associated with this firm for over fifty years. The provenance of the clientele has expanded to include business corporations in Europe such as olive oil packers and exporters (Genoa, Italy), marble and stone processing equipment (Verona, Italy), detergent exporters (United Kingdom and Nigeria), executives and contract disputes (Switzerland and Argentina), as well as clientele throughout the United States.


Attorneys among The Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP have accrued in excess of 85 years of legal experience. The Attorneys are admitted to Bars in Massachusetts and Florida. Furthermore, they have conducted work throughout the United States, including New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. The support staff, clerks, paralegal assistants, and secretaries are experienced and well trained.

Assets and Talented Participation

Major law schools and institutions, including Law Libraries and networking arrangements with specialists and experts in every field and phase of the Law, are immediately available to the firm for consultation and cooperation. The firm maintains a network of nationally recognized experts in the hub of a major U.S. center of legal thought. The firm itself has an extensive library and has access to computerized legal authorities nationally and by means of on-line research and CD-ROM.

The Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP provides a full range of legal services – from litigation in Federal and State Courts, to business, real estate, estate planning and related matters.