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Insurance Company Settles For $1.1M After Viewing Cutting-Edge Digital Animation Of Truck Collision.

The Monday morning following Thanksgiving in 2007, a 69 year old Medford man was driving his Nissan Sedan northerly on Route 93 in Medford, Massachusetts. He had entered the highway from an on-ramp, and proceeded less than one half mile when a large box truck smashed into the rear of his Nissan.

As a result of the accident, the operator of the Nissan sustained serious and debilitating injuries, including a fractured chest and multiple internal injuries. His injuries required several months of in-patient hospitalization followed by extensive rehabilitation and follow-up care. His medical bills exceeded half a million dollars.

The trucking company alleged that the driver of the Nissan abruptly entered Route 93 and cut in front of their truck.  With the trucking company denying responsibility, the case proceeded to trial in 2011.

Ronald A. Dardeno of the Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP acted as lead counsel at trial.  Through the use of innovative and advanced technology, Attorney Dardeno persuaded the Trucking Company to reconsider their position to reach a significant settlement. In addition to hiring medical experts, Attorney Ronald A. Dardeno hired an accident reconstruction expert to explain to the jury that the truck was in fact to blame. Attorney Dardeno asked the accident reconstructionist to examine all the facts of the case. He then asked the reconstructionist to use that data to create an innovative digital animation of the collision so he could show the jury exactly how the collision truly occurred. The cutting-edge digital reconstruction of the accident showed exactly what the collision data showed—that the truck was responsible for the accident. Following the testimony the accident reconstructionist and presentation of his digital animation, the trucking company agreed the settle during trial. 

In the end, attorney Dardeno was able to acquire a $1.1 million settlement for the injuries his client sustained.

Car and truck accidents aren’t all fender-benders, and it’s not always easy to determine who was at fault. In addition, the insurance companies who insure at-fault drivers may deny responsibility and may refuse to pay. While it’s unfortunate, it is a reality—insurance companies that act in their own financial interest—and they are not looking out for yours. When holding a negligent driver and their insurance company responsible, you need the expertise a skilled personal injury attorney can provide to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Innovative techniques, like the one attorney Dardeno used in this case, expertly compelled the insurance company to pay for the plaintiff’s injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and another driver’s negligence caused your injuries, please don’t hesitate to call Attorney Ronald A. Dardeno at the Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP. He can be reached by phone at 617-666-2600 or email at With over 50 years of experience, the seasoned personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP are the attorneys you need to tenaciously fight for your rights and to get you the financial compensation you fairly deserve for your injuries.