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Debt Collection

Our attorneys have extensive experience collecting debts, in state and federal courts, for both individuals and businesses. They have collected debts ranging in size from a few thousand to a few million dollars, and they have done it in an ethical and efficient manner. They know how to obtain pre-judgment relief such as the attaching of a defendant’s bank account or real property. Our attorneys also have extensive in all phases of litigation, and will see a case all the way through to a trial if one is necessary to obtain a judgment against the debtor. Often, obtaining a judgment is only the first step in satisfying a debt – our attorneys know how to garnish a defendant’s wages; to reach and apply assets in the hands of third parties to satisfy a judgment; and to conduct post-judgment discovery and supplementary process. They have even domesticated judgments from other jurisdictions in Massachusetts.

It must be noted that the firm’s services are not limited to the collection of debts – we also represent defendants who believe that they do not owe a debt that someone else is seeking to collect. So if you have been sued by a creditor, you should also contact our firm for the best advice on how to defend the claim.