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Business contracts, construction or remodeling contracts, and employment contracts all have long-term consequences. You need assurance that your interests are protected in any contract you sign. Talk to a contract attorney at the Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP.

Even under the best of circumstances, things can go wrong. Memories fade and misinterpretations develop. Whether it be a business, service, or other type of agreement, a written contract is your best protection. This is only so, however, if your interests and rights have been accurately reflected on that contract. The consequences of the casual and more “inexpensive” route can result in longer-term and much more expensive contract litigation which may or may not be successful.

The experienced contract attorneys at the Law Offices of Frank N. dardeno, LLP, based both in Boston and Somerville, have decades of extensive experience in the drafting, review and, when necessary, litigating of a wide range of contracts. As technology and industry change at a rapid pace, the need for contractual protection has never been more critical. This is why the Law Offices of Frank N. Dardeno, LLP, has made it a point to keep up to date in the changes of law in such areas as real estate, remodeling, employment, service and other instances where the correct wording, or aggressive action, is necessary to protect your rights in case of a breach or other potential dispute.